Startup Catalyst

I’m heading to Silicon Valley! From the 16th of November until the 28th I will be travelling to the USA as part of a group of Brisbane based founders and tech enthusiasts as part of the Startup Catalyst program. We’re on a mission to soak in the startup culture of the valley and bring back lessons and experiences that we can use to help grow the startup scene here in Brisbane. I’m tremendously excited about going and the rest of this piece will be about what I’m hoping to discover and some initial thoughts.


The main draw card for me, other than the potential to have a lot of fun, is the prospect of gathering a global perspective on startups. I fell that without it is easy to box your startup into a local market and miss some of the changes and differences that come from living elsewhere in the world.

The opportunity to visit the campuses of places like Google and Facebook is also a great opportunity. I see a lot on line about how these, once startup sized, companies function and knowing how the cogs turn when you move from a team of 5 to a team of hundreds or even thousands is going to be an interesting insight. Having the opportunity to talk to those within the company about this will provide valuable viewpoints into the inner workings.

It’s no secret that the Brisbane startup scene is in its early stages. Having the chance to spend time in a mature community of startups will help add another data point to the possibilities of what a mature startup ecosystem could be. I’m not naive enough to think that Brisbane can, or even should, be a carbon copy of Silicon Valley but there is no denying that they’re doing things very well. Working out why, and the foundations needed to nurture that, is something I hope to take away.

That’s it for now but I’ll be updating my journey both here and at ( As always you can reach me on twitter or via email. Stay tuned for more posts and photos.

- Elliot