Hill's Young Innovator

Just a quick post, more to be kept as a Personal milestone. This post will contain a little about our startup (HSK Instruments). I’ll also outline what we’ve been up to and the recent award we recieved. If you are interested in startups, med-tech, cystic fibrosis or anything similar then give it a read.

Our startup, HSK Instruments, is working on a product called Pepster. Pepster is a mobile connected, interactive respiratory physiotherapy device for kids with cystic fibrosis (CF). I know that’s quite a mouthful but what it really boils down to is a breathing device that connects to a tablet or mobile. We have anumber of apps, some of which are games, that allow young kids to have a better time doing the physiotherpay they need to keep healthy. We have been working on Pepster since 2012 and we have come a long way. We’ve had over 7 versions of our PCBs manufactured, at least 3 housing designs and countless app itterations. The device is currently in a trial at the Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, 30 kids will take the device home for 6 weeks. While we are talking about it I’d like to put out a huge word of thanks to everyone working on the trial at the Mater.

Looking at recent times much of our effort has been on making a trial ready device and looking beyond. We have had some issues in the trial with usb sockets breaking off when they are twisted too much while we personally never had this issue we underestimated the strength of young kids! Luckily for us though we had always planned to remove USB and replace it with bluetooth low energy, so while this was a frustration we are confident it wont be an issue in the long run.

While the trial isn’t over yet and I can’t share any clinical results at this stage the anecdotal feedback has been wonderful. Families are reluctant to return the device which is a sure sign that we have created something they love. Our plan from here on out is to make that reality as soon as possible. Thats where the Hill’s Young Innovator award will help us out.

“The first question we get asked as parents return their device is when can we get one.”

The Hill’s Young Innovator award was part of thi year’s (2014) iAwards ceremony and offered a cash prize for an innovator/innovation created by someone under 25. Thats us! Amazingly we won the award. There was some sersiously fantastic competition everything from education to build your own Android tablets! The whole two days of the iAwards were great and we have met some really great people as a result.

So while the above probably seems like a rambling, and it kind of is, it’s a record that this happened. If you’re reading this and were a part of the iAwards, someone from Mater, someone from UQ, someone from HSK or just someone I know I would like to offer you a huge thankyou. Nothing we have done would be possible without the great support of everyone I know. If you ever want to talk startups drop me a line.

- Elliot