Blog Reboot

The new year often brings in changes. At least that sounds like a fine excuse. Truth is I was a bit sick of wordpress bloat and 99% of the posts on my blog get about 4 views a month. With all this at hand I decided it was a good time to move my blog onto a new platform (Octopress for those curious) and start things anew.

When I started the blog oh so long ago I wasn’t really sure what I was starting one for, honestly it just sounded like something I should be doing. Since then I’ve tried many thing to keep me posting regularly only to find that at the end of the day I don’t really know why I have a blog in the first place. That’s the first thing I am going to change.

I’m writing a blog to share my thoughts, stories and adventures in programming, electrical engineering, my PhD, my Startup and all the other passions in my life

Well there it is. A reason. Even if it isn’t a very good one it is a reason none the less. At least now there will hopefully be some focus. Chances are pages will still only get a few reads a month but thats something I can work towards. Secretly (or not so secretly) I’m using this as a way to try and improve my writing as well. I spend a lot of my time writing in acedemia and PR but I never really take the time to practice so thats a bonus goal I suppose of this blog.

I’m going to port over some of my old posts just so existing links don’t break but there may be missing formatting or images so I apologise about that. Also I likely wont be having comments on the blog because I’ve had something like 10/10,000 comments to spam on wordpress. If you want to comment or get in touch twitter is a good place to do it (@smitec)

None the less here is to a new year full of exciting things to share.

- Elliot